• 47 Belgrave Square, London

    The centre of London is home to some of the most expensive real estate in the world, termed ‘Super-Prime’ properties. Comprising 12 bedrooms, 2 basements, 2 lifts, a cinema, a gym, separate leisure areas, a 20-metre swimming pool, plus a separate mews property, this Super-Prime project totaled 22,500 sq. ft. Darke & Taylor was one of a number of subcontractors working on this project, which required flexibility, teamwork, and an exacting approach to quality control.

    47 Belgrave Square, London


Let there be light? This was a complex brief, with the client specifying a light and airy feel throughout, whilst setting numerous technical challenges, such as a pool which could drain itself and turn into a dance floor?

Super-prime, Grade I-listed: A house of this size required Darke & Taylor (D&T) to work alongside many other contractors, yet within the confines of a listed building. This meant working with non-construction professionals, such as interior designers, for whom the aesthetics were key, rather than the engineering protocols.

It’s all about the finish: There were a number of original bespoke lighting pieces commissioned for this property. These all had to be assembled and installed by D&T, with no two the same, and each costing many thousands of pounds – there was no room whatsoever for any mistakes!


Bringing the outside in: What looked like an idyllic outside patio was, in fact, an underground basement. Over 1,000 LED lights, each with 6 diodes and underpinned by a complex DMX programme, allowed features such as an ever-changing cloudy sky to be programmed into the ‘pool ceiling’, giving the illusion of being outdoors.

Problem-solving mindset: D&T prides itself on working towards the client’s end vision and being part of the solution. This required a significant amount of compromise, for example, working with wooden beams rather than RSJ’s and ensuring that all original features stayed in place.

A joint effort: Meticulous planning, expertise and a good working relationship with the builders, ensured that D&T could foresee potential issues early on. For example, the chandelier weighed almost half a tonne and required a strengthened ceiling, which D&T was able to specify early on in the rebuild process.


“We are very pleased with how the programming went, this has been a complex design and installation process with a lot of interface, and we really appreciate the first-class coordination and input from the various contractors and consultants.”

Nicholas Reynolds, Design Director, Xavio Design of Mayfair

Technical overview

D&T was appointed as the electrical specialist, working as part of the team responsible for delivering an extraordinary vision to refurbish this 24,500 sq. ft. mansion and create one of London’s finest and most valuable residences.

Our brief included working on the R&D project to create an amazing illuminated ceiling over the pool, installing a bespoke lighting experience, smart-home network cabling and controls, electric underfloor heating and mirror demisters, life safety and property protection systems and the mains infrastructure required to power a residence of such high quality and complexity.

Project details

MAIN CONTRACTORSize Group Construction
LIGHTING CONSULTANTXavio Design of Mayfair

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