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    “ I wouldn’t be where I am today without my Darke and Taylor apprenticeship. I owe a huge amount back, that’s why I’m so passionate about helping today’s apprentices.”

    Keiron Richmond, Contracts Director, Darke & Taylor, 1997 – present day


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The Apprenticeship Initiative at Darke & Taylor is an approach that has evolved over time to become the cornerstone on which the company and its progression is founded. Today it is a vital part of the business model of a company that recognises that sustainable success is about developing people.


Darke & Taylor has been engaged with apprenticeship schemes for over 40 years and during this time has offered jobs and training to in excess of 350 young school leavers looking to develop careers in the built environment. The company has a workforce of in excess of 150 people, of which over 30 are currently undertaking an apprenticeship or adult traineeship studying to become electricians, fire & security engineers, business administrators and ICT specialists.

That’s over 20% of the workforce engaged in the apprenticeship initiative, a big commitment on behalf of the company and way ahead of the national average for our industry and the economy in general.

The scheme is special because it really delivers; two of our current Board Directors, two Associate Directors, eight senior managers and the majority of our senior engineers completed their apprenticeships at Darke & Taylor. We are really proud that this success has been recognised at a number of award ceremonies over the last few years.

We are keen to continue growing our team and to attract capable and enthusiastic individuals to work for us. We take on new recruits to our Electrical, Datacomms and Fire & Security Apprenticeship Schemes every year. To find out more about electrical apprenticeships visit the JTL website at www.jtltraining.com

If you are interested in joining our apprenticeship scheme, we would be happy to hear from you. Your application for our main summer intake should be with us by May each year, although we are happy to take enquiries all year round.


For further information about our apprenticeship initiative at Darke & Taylor, please download our prospectus here.

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