• BSI Kitemark House, Hemel Hempstead

    Kitemark House is an advanced, state-of-the art testing facility used by the British Standards Institution (BSI) to manage product certification, enabling manufacturers to bring products approved by the famous BSI Kitemark to market. Darke & Taylor undertook the electrical design and installation on this £3 million upgrade of a 54-year-old site, working for regular client Overbury under the strict quality, programme and health & safety requirements of their Perfect Delivery™ project delivery system.

    BSI Kitemark House, Hemel Hempstead


Perfect Delivery™: Overbury’s perfect delivery standard is an undertaking to its clients to meet agreed KPIs and deliver projects on time, snag-free, and with complete Operations & Maintenance Manuals (O&Ms).

Integrating new and existing systems: The project entailed both refurbishment and new-build elements. This presented the challenge of how to integrate the electrical services to create one coherent scheme, without a resorting to a complete rewire.

Working in a live building: Many parts of the existing building were kept in operation during the works. This created the challenge of how to maintain power and keep safety systems live throughout the refurbishment.


Commitment to our client’s quality standards: Our team of experienced, trained, specialist engineers consistently scored highly on the Overbury project feedback KPIs and completed the project to the full satisfaction of the client.

Validation prior to design: Before commencing its design, Darke & Taylor undertook an extensive validation of the existing system, including mains infrastructure, components, capacity to expand, and cause-and-effect protocols. D&T used this information to develop a consistent electrical scheme which was fully integrated but cost-effective, whilst maintaining those elements that were still fit-for-purpose.

Flexible working patterns: Through careful planning and use of out-of-hours shutdowns, Darke & Taylor was able to ensure that all operational areas of the building could remain fully operational, thereby minimising disruption and downtime.

“It was clear that Overbury had committed to delivering a perfect project to this important client. They made our obligations as part of this process clear so that we were fully on board and knew where we stood, hard work, but very rewarding.”

Site Foreman, Darke & Taylor

Technical overview

This project involved the design and installation of an electrical system, including lighting, emergency lighting, power and back-up power systems to enable BSI to deliver its long-term vision of developing its world leading product certification activities.

Working on both the existing buildings on the site and on a new build property, it was vital that we overcome the challenge of integrating the pre-existing and the newly installed elements of the system to deliver a consistent electrical scheme that was of high quality throughout and easy to maintain.

Project details

CLIENTBritish Standards Institution

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