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    Specialist Cable Supplies (SCS) has over 40 years’ experience in the complex world of cable supplies to the electrical distribution and wholesale markets. Darke & Taylor was engaged to install an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging point at SCS’s industrial estate premises.

    Specialist Cable Supplies, Oxford


Determine what is physically possible? Most small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are connected to a 3-phase supply (100 amp) with a load capacity of 40 kW. This load capacity represents the maximum amount of electricity that can be consumed at any one point in time; i.e. covering all existing business requirements + spare capacity available to charge an EV.

Most people just want a plug!: Different vehicles have different requirements… as do different owners! All this information needs to be established upfront in the Customer Needs Interview to ensure that Darke & Taylor (D&T) can provide (and advise upon) the right hardware; e.g. what vehicle are they buying? How many miles daily do they drive? What is their longest journey… etc?

Low or Zero Emission Zones (LEZ/ZEZ) will become commonplace: From 2020, a number of UK cities are set to introduce or expand restrictions on certain vehicles and journey types (London, Oxford, Bristol). This list is set to increase in length and severity.

Power supply upgrades are very expensive: Once the load capacity has been exceeded, the consumer either has to charge his/her EVs more slowly (installing a load limiter) or upgrade the mains power supply (very expensive!).


D&T consultancy know-how: At the Physical Site Survey, D&T determined SCS’s load capacity and compared this to its EV requirements (assessed during the Customer Needs Interview). As there was only one EV charging point to be installed, D&T was able to specify a 22 kW Rapid Charging device, capable of delivering a full charge in 4−5 hours.

D&T is not tied to any one EV charging point manufacturer: Consequently, D&T is able to advise on the most suitable charger for the customer’s EV − in this instance, a Model 3 Tesla. The EV charger specified delivered 80 miles of charge per hour for the Tesla, which had a 350 mile range (i.e. a full charge would take just over 4 hours).

Future-proof planning: At the Quote & Scope stage, D&T will advise upon ways to future-proof the EV install; e.g. should the customer require extra/faster chargers at some point in the future.

Holistic Solutions: With an Energy Solutions Division, D&T can offer a wide range of holistic solutions, such as solar batteries, PV panels, wind turbines… etc. Should a company require more power, D&T can advise on alternative (cheaper) options than a power supply upgrade.


“Installing an Electric Vehicle charging point couldn’t have been any easier using Darke & Taylor, they took care of absolutely everything, right through to all the grant application paperwork.”

Ian Loades, Director SCS

Technical overview

In common with all of D&T’s EV charger projects, we followed our five-step EV installation process to ensure that the installation met our high standards for this specialist work, complied with regulations and was also eligible for government grant funding.

The process involves undertaking a physical site survey, conducting a customer needs interview, generating a specification and quote, submitting the grant application, and finally undertaking the EV charger installation and commissioning.

Project details

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