• South Kensington Estates, London

    South Kensington Estates has owned and managed property in the area since the 1600s when Sir William Blake, a wine merchant, acquired large parcels of land in Kensington, Brompton, and Knightsbridge. This portfolio was expanded until, in 1993, the Alexander family, passed over its running to an in-house management company (SKE). Darke & Taylor was engaged to inspect and make safe and compliant all South Kensington’s Estates residential and commercial properties.

    South Kensington Estates, London


Iconic Central London portfolio: Comprising listed buildings all at least 150 years old, the majority with no electrical plans, significant potential for asbestos and located in one of the UK’s busiest shopping locations.

Mixture of residential and commercial properties: The varied type and usage of properties greatly increase the scope of electrical issues and the need for a wide range of skills.

Wide range of stakeholders: From cutting-edge companies to long-term sheltered residents, no two jobs can be approached in exactly the same manner. The need to be able to work around people is paramount.

Consultancy requirements: South Kensington Estates (SKE) requires continuous highlevel input to ensure its properties remain up-to-date and responsive to changing needs and technologies.


Clear Chain of Command: Darke & Taylor (D&T) has one permanent Project Manager (PM) who acts as a point person for SKE. Regular planning meetings serve to anticipate problems whilst daily work spreadsheets ensure full auditability and compliance with H&S legislation.

Wide skill set: D&T’s size and scope means that any additional reactive projects can be managed in-house as & when the need arises; e.g. CCTV, Fire Safety, Electrical Vehicle charging points… etc.

Familiarity breeds trust: Having the same engineers on-site, especially around residential units, means that faces become known and D&T becomes part of the day-to-day fabric of SKE’s property maintenance.

One-stop shop: D&T’s experience in handling preventative and reactive electrical maintenance contracts means that everything to date has been delivered within budget and with the minimal amount of disruption to residents.

“Darke & Taylor have been a breath of fresh air to work with. Following a successful estate upgrade, South Kensington Estates will continue to utilise their expertise. The team are professional, knowledgeable and reliable.”

Carly Riddell, South Kensington Estates

Technical overview

In 2003, SKE purchased the Brompton Estate from The Welcome Trust, significantly expanding its commercial exposure. As of end-2019, it had 255 Residential and Commercial units under its control.

D&T was engaged to issue Electrical Condition Reports for all these properties and to undertake reactive maintenance and special projects where necessary.

Project details

PROJECT DURATIONNovember 2019 – ongoing

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